Motoi Iwanami, Professor
Underground structure,Tunnel engineeringMaintenance engineering
  • 1987 Kumagai Gumi.Co.,Ltd.
  • 2006 National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College
  • 2016 Daiichi Institute of Technology
  • 2018 Waseda University

Project themes:
Design and construction of underground structures/
Maintenance of underground structures

Themes of graduation thesis:
Study on Design Method for Deep Shaft/Study on construction of shield construction/Study on maintenance and management of underground structures

Books Patents, etc.:
STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR TUNNELING-2016:Shield Tunnels,Tunnel Library No.28 Cutting and Widening Technology in Shield Tunnels, JSCE,Tunnel Library No.27 Design of Shafts for Shield Construction, Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Soil and Foundation Design Calculation Practice for New Design Methods (2017 Edition), Japan Society of Geotechnical Engineers

Social activities:
JSCE ,2026 Tunnel Standard, Lining Subcommittee Chief / Central Japan Railway Company, Linear Chuo Shinkansen Shield Construction Project Subcommittee Secretary