Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, Professor
Concrete Engineering, Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering
  • 1997 Apr., Bridge Engineer at Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.
  • 1998 Apr., Research Associate at Tohoku University
  • 2001 May, Assistant Professor at Tohoku University
  • 2004 Apr., Associate Professor at Tohoku University
  • (2008 Oct. to 2009 Sep., Visiting Scholar at Lehigh University)
  • 2011 Apr. to Present, Professor at Waseda University
  • (2018 Aug. to 2019 Sep., Visiting Scholar at Lehigh University)
  • (2020 Feb. to 2020 Jul., Visiting Professor at National Taiwan University of Science & Technology)

Project themes:
Reliability, risk, and resilience of structure and infrastructure
Multi-hazard issues
Earthquake and tsunami
Effect of climate change on functionality of civil infrastructure systems

Themes of graduation thesis:
Development of damage-free structures
Development of resilient structures
Novel earthquake-resistant structures
Application of 3D printers
Seismic issues
For advancement of infrastructure’s maintenance through integration of machine learning
numerical simulation, reliability analysis, and updating theory

Books Patents, etc.:
Structural Deterioration Mechanisms -Life-Cycle Assessment, Design, and Maintenance of Structures and Infrastructure System- ASCE, Reliability-based durability design and service life assessment of concrete structures in an aggressive environment -Maintenance and Safety of Aging Infrastructure- CRC Press/Balkema. Lifetime seismic reliability analysis of corroded reinforced concrete bridge piers -Computational Methods in Earthquake Engineering- Springer,

Social activities:
Scientific Community Service Activities at ASCE, IABMAS, IALCCE, IABSE, and ACI. President at Engineers without Borders, Japan. Managing Editor of Structure and Infrastructure Engineering and Editoril Board Members (e.g. Structural Safety and ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering)