Kiyoshi Ono, Professor
Bridge Engineering, Steel structures, Earthquake Engineering
  • 1994 Road Bureau, Ministry of Construction
  • 1998 Research Engineer, Bridge Division, Public Works Research Institute, Ministry of Construction
  • 2000 Research Associate, Osaka University
  • 2002 Associate Professor, Osaka University
  • 2007 Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • 2010 Associate Professor, Osaka University
  • 2015 Professor, Waseda University

Project themes:
Measures to improve seismic performance of steel bridges
Evaluation methods of load carrying capacity for steel bridges
Development of new bridge structures utilizing the characteristics of new materials

Themes of graduation thesis:
Research on seismic performance evaluation and seismic retrofitting method of steel bridges against huge earthquakes
Research on load carrying capacity and deformability of bridge structures using new materials
Research on material properties of new materials

Books Patents, etc.:
Guidelines for Stability Design of Steel Structures
Specifications for highway bridges

Social activities:
Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Japan Road Association, Japanese Society of Steel Construction, Science Council of Japan, The Engineering Academy of Japan