Tomoya Shibayama, Professor
Coastal Engineering and Management, Coastal Disaster Prevention
  • May 1985 – February 1986: Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo
  • March 1986 – March 1987: Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Tokyoo
  • August 1990 – August 1991: Associate Professor, Division of Water Resources Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology
  • April 1987 – July 1997: Associate Professor, Yokohama National University
  • August 1997 – March 2009: Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Yokohama National University
  • April 2009 – present: Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Waseda University
  • November 2019: Hamaguchi International Award For Enhancement of Tsunami/Coastal Disaster Resilience

Project themes:
Coastal Disasters in Canadian Arctic Ocean Coast (JSPS)
Re-Energize Governance of Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience for Sustainable Development (JST, Belmont Forum)

Themes of graduation thesis:
Disaster Mitigation in the Coastal Zone
Offshore Wind Power Generation
Volcanic Ash Distribution and Mitigation of Damage

“Coastal Processes – Concepts in Coastal Engineering and Their Applications to Multifarious Environments” (World Scientific)
“Handbook of Coastal Disaster Mitigation for Engineers and Planners” (Eds., Elsevier)

Books Patents, etc.:
Coastal Processes (2009), World Scientific, 215p.
Handbook of Coastal Disaster Mitigation for Engineers and Planners, (Eds)(2015) Elsevier, 788p.
Coastal Disaster Surveys and Assessment for Risk Management (Eds)(2022), Taylor & Francis, 379 p.

Social activities:
Life Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Fellow, Japan Sciety of Civil Engineering (JSCE)